Friday, September 25, 2015

New Flashlights from Fenix--Get Up to 1600 Lumens

Fenix lights are widely used in various fields, including outdoor sports, law enforcement, military, and EDC, among others. If you use a Fenix light, it's easy to see why, as each product is released with excellent performance and reliable quality. 

Check out these new Fenix Flashlights now offered by GideonTactical:

PD40 Flashlight, 1600 Lumens, 5.7" Long

This may be a small light, only six-inches-long, but it's packed with 1600 bright lumens, and a 200-meter beam. The PD40's digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness, and its overheat protection helps avoid high temperatures on its surface. The intuitive, one-button operation keeps functionality simple and easy. The tough body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish will keep this light strong and long-lasting.

For more information, check out the PD40 on our website.

This light's high-powered beam shines a bright and impressive 960 lumens and throws a beam of 200 meters. Its digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness, and the micro-USB charging will keep that battery charged and ready for use at moment's notice. The tactical tail switch features the momentary-on function, and there's a side switch on the head for output selection. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and reinforced by a toughened, ultra-clear glass lens, this light was built to stand tough in harsh situations.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

NEW: Blackhawk Standard A.R.C. Holster

Blackhawk's new Standard Appendix Reversible Carry (A.R.C.) IWB Holster is fully ambidextrous and made of a soft, durable polymer material, making it comfortable and versatile.

The A.R.C. holster's design allows for left-and-right handed use, while its body shape can accommodate for rear-mounted red dots. It features a passive retention detent that has an adjustment screw which will securely hold your handgun in place until you're ready to draw. 

The holster comes with two cant and ride height adjustment belt clips so you can wear this holster on any belt between 1.5" and 1.75" wide. 

Available in urban grey and in five fits you can find below: 

Fit 1GLOCK: 43
Fit 2GLOCK: 42
Fit 3S&W: M&P Shield 9/40
Fit 4GLOCK: 19, 23, 32
Fit 5GLOCK: 17, 22, 31

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Raven Concealment: Vanguard 2

If you're searching for a minimalist IWB holster, look no further. The Vanguard 2 (VG2) is unlike traditional IWB holsters, as it only covers the trigger-guard of your weapon. This design totally eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, yet still provides a level of safety and security that you cannot attain by sticking the pistol in the waistband of your pants. 

There are multiple ways to use the VG2:

First, it can be used as a trigger-guard cover for storage and safe transport. This way no foreign objects can enter the trigger guard, which could potentially press the trigger. Using it this way allows the user to clear the weapon without the danger of negligent discharge.

Second, the holster can be used with the static-line tether for on-body (IWB) or off-body carry. This allows the weapon to be carried safely with a chambered round, with no fear of discharge, yet still allows for rapid deployment. It can be removed by catching the nose of the holster and prying it off, allowing one-hand deployment of the weapon even if the attachment point fails to remove the holster.

Finally, the user can simply attach the strut and soft-loop assembly to create a stable and secure IWB holster. It is fully adjustable for ride-height, easily concealable and fully ambidextrous. 


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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trijicon MRO Available for Pre-Order

The Trijicon MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) is available for pre-order now and expected to ship this month. If you're a shooter and looking to upgrade your rifle platform, seeking changes that lead to better accuracy and faster target acquisition, then switch out your iron sights for this dedicated red-dot sight. The MRO will help in all these ways and get your rounds on target.

The rugged MRO places a sighting dot on the same plane as the target, which eliminates the need to align front and rear sights with the target. 

The other features are endless:
  • Large viewing area.
  • Adjustable brightness settings.
  • Ambidextrous brightness control.
  • Easy-to-set adjusters.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing.
  • Surface Flush adjusters.
  • Superior quality glass lenses.
  • Parallax-Free.
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters.
  • Takes one single lithium battery.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  

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