Thursday, August 28, 2014

NEW Hogue: Rubber OverMolded Rifle Stocks fits Ruger 10-22 with Standard Barrel Channel

You'll love the new Rubber over-molded Rifle Stocks that fit the fun rifle that everyone loves to own, the Ruger 10-22. Customizing that weapon is almost as much fun as they are to shoot! The Houge OverMolded 10-22 stock is the finest and most functional stock made to match this rifle out there.

Some of the features people love are the comfortable palm swells, the sleep styling of the stock, the "varminter" style forend that gives you a much more comfortable, yet secure hold. The y come equipped with swing swivel studs and even feature simple drop-in installation with models available to fit either the standard or the heavy target barrels. Having a Hogue Stock combined with a precision target barrel turns your 10-22 into a tack driving, super trick, completely custom rifle that you'll love. 

When it comes to comfort and non-slip, while maintaining a smooth and super attractive, durable finish, you can guarantee that the OverMolding provides that. The advantages of the Hogue stocks give real, solid compelling reasons to replace your current or outdated stock from that synthetic or wood to this one. It's superior in every way!

Wondering how the OverMolded Stocks are constructed? It's a process of molding a super strong and rigid fiberglass reinforced skeleton or "insert" that precisely fits the guns' action. The skeleton is then OverMolded with a durable, but soft synthetic elastomer (rubber). During the heat and extreme pressure of the injection molding the elastomer adheres chemically as well as mechanically to the skeleton, resulting in a permanent bond between the rubber and the insert! Then, the super strong skeleton gives the stocks their strength, and the perfectly precise molded dimensions provide the exact drop-in fit for your rifle.

The greatest part is, this state of the art elastomer material used for Hogue Stocks won't harden with age and are virtually impervious to all oils and solvents found around firearms, giving years and years of dependable service!

The Hogue OverMolded Stock features are so desirable that they're starting to be offered as standard equipment on precision sniper rifles. Some of the famous rifle companies even have some licensing agreements with Hogue to use this OverMolded technology on their products.

Place your order today!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Fenix E35 Tactical Flashlight

That right there? That's the Fenix E35 Compact Tactical Flashlight. This model boasts a max 900-lumen output and 140 hours of runtime on low mode. Fenix went and took this little, tactical flashlight and increased the lumen output to 900! For being such a small light, it sure shines bright!

The all-function switch on the head makes sure to give you total control of the light making activating the light and choosing and ideal output simple and based on intuition of the situation you're in.

The Fenix E35 is not only little and compact, but it's lightweight AND waterproof! This is the perfect light for any mission you're on--whether on or off duty.

You'll love the anti-roll and slip-resistant feature of the body design and the durable aircraft-grade aluminum it's made from. It makes sure to stay put in your hands where it should, keeping you safe and well-lit when need be. The flat edge makes it capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a "candle" when hands-free is necessary.

There were no details forgotten when it came to this light. It's got premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, keeping it new and fresh looking for all time. The reverse-polarity protection keeps it safe from improper battery installation and protects the circuit board, too. The front glass is a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

It comes ready to put on a lanyard with spare O-rings.

A few other details below:
LED TypeCree XM-L2 U2
Max Output900 Lumens
Max Runtime140 Hours
Adjust Levels4 (High, Mid, Low, Burst)
Switch TypeSide Mode Button Switch
Battery(2)CR123A or (1) 18650
Dimensions4.6 (L) x 0.9 (D)
Weight2 oz
Beam Distance156m (Max)
Intensity6100 cd (Max)
Impact Resistance1m

OUTPUT (Lumens)36012010900
RUNTIME3h11h140h  -

Don't wait, it may be little but it's mighty--Get your better-than-ever Fenix E35 Tactical Flashlight

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oakley Range Eyewear

The Oakley SI (Standard Issue) Range Prizm Eyewear provide both elite and recreational marksmen with enhanced clarity and contrast of targets. These are THE 'it' glasses for the shooter and a popular choice among our customers. The special lenses strategically block specified wavelengths along the color spectrum in order to maximize the contrast between selected colors in a specific shooting environment.

Oakley says the in the end, the Prizm eyewear reduces eye fatigue and will enhance target acquisition.

The frames are designed for utmost comfort and performance. The three-point fit that holds the lenses enhances precision and durability. They're designed to be extra durable due to the sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms that have dual cam action. There are the nice, standard Oakley metal Icon accents on the side, sleek and sophisticated but showing your loyalty. Most of all, there are multiple interchangeable unobtainium nose pad options for customizable and comfortable secure fit.

The sweet Prizm lenses are made from Plutonite, which is Oakley's high purity optical-grade polycarbonate and Polaric Ellipsoid Technology. All of the lenses will block 100% of UVA, UVB and harmful violet-blue light up to 400mm wavelength.

You can purchase the Oakley SI Range Prizm Eyewear in an Array, featuring both lenses for a combined price, or if one specific lens color speaks to you more, simply buy them single.

Get the precision and enhancement you desire with the Oakley Prizm Eyewear today. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Targets and Stands for Training

For our gun enthusiasts and those in training, what Targets and Stands do you use to practice your shots? Well we've got a ton of different options at GideonTactical that will help aid in your training and sharp shooting skills. Our training products will help make sure you make the shot and continue to train your eye and accuracy.

Check out these great options.

Are you looking for something simple to help you train? Or do you just want to go out and shoot?

Action Target has a fantastic option with the PT Hold. It provides a stable platform that holds any type of paper-based target, is easy to move and assemble. (1x2 wood and target not included).

Paper and cardboard targets are a great way to teach accuracy or threat recognition techniques. Unfortunately, there often is not a convenient way to mount them.

The PT Hold™ target holder combines a sturdy foot assembly with a simple clamp that holds 1-by-2 strips of wood to provide a portable and reliable way to mount your paper and cardboard targets anywhere you need to. You can also order special mounting rods to use Action Target 3D Targets with your PT Hold™ stands.

This target circle can be mounted to the Evil Roy Practice Stand and regular Action Target stands used for the AT Static.

All shooting surfaces are made of through hardened 500 (or 550 HD) Brinell steel for maximum safety and durability, and they are completely flat and smooth with no exposed bolts, clamps or brackets to cause unpredictable splatter when they are inevitably hit.

Target stand not included.

Light paper. 25 yard, Size: 20.5" x 23.5". Approximately 1/2 size of B-21X and reversed with red center for an improved sight picture.
Package of 100 Targets.

NOTE: This is the target head only!

With an AR550 armor steel head plate slanted at 45 degrees, this static target is specifically designed for shooting high-powered rifles at close distances. Most steel targets, even those made of AR550 armor steel, don't stand up well to the power of rifle ammunition when shot from distances closer than 100 yards, but the 45 Degree Static's unique design allows it to absorb the impact of high-powered ammunition from as close as 50 yards.

The 45 Degree Static uses a high angle of deflection to force bullet fragments down toward the feet of the target. Because the steep angle of the target spreads bullet impact over a larger surface area, the 45 Degree Static is perfectly capable of handling .223, .308, and even slugs from only 50 yards, giving you greater training freedom in a smaller area. The head plate is 14” tall and 12” wide making it elliptical in shape, but the steep slant makes it appear perfectly round to a shooter standing 50 yards away.

Just like Action Target's standard PT Static targets, the head plate of the 45 Degree Static is mounted to the stand so it bounces when hit, giving you immediate visual feedback and positive reinforcement for accurate shots. The head plate of the target is completely flat with no exposed bolts, clamps, or brackets to cause unpredictable splatter when inevitably hit, and the low profile bullet-shedding stand helps make this one of the most durable targets on the market.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

This is the brand New Bear Grylls Card Tool---it's everything you need to be prepared in the wild, or in the city. As Bear Grylls always said, surviving the unexpected is about being prepared. With this Card Tool it does exactly that and exceeds the standard.

Bear Grylls was an ex-British Special Forces Officer and experienced mountaineer, along with also being a survival trainer. His profound knowledge combined with Gerber's decades of experience came together to create this awesome tool design for survival mode. 

This Card Tool comes with:
  • Fine Edge Blade with Fire Striker Notch on top edge
  • Ferrocerium Rod
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Standard ruler
  • Metric ruler
  • Bottle opener
  • LED task light
  • Priorities of Survival pocket guide

This is the slickest way to keep everything you need for survival or the unknown at your fingertips without it looking bulky or being in the way! It's an all-in-one problem solving kit. It's made of a rugged, steel construction, and includes a 1.5 inch fixed blade fine edge knife that removes easily from the card tool with an ergonomic finger hole and nail nick for easy application. On the opposite end, there are 3 tools that are held securely in place: a phillips, a flat head driver, and a compact ferrocerium rod. In an instant you can tighten/loosen screws or start a fire for survival in an instant. Simply apply the ferrocerium rod to the back edge of the knife and produce a fire-starting spark!

The extra feature we love about the Card Tool is that it comes equipped with a water-resistant LED task light, metric and standard rulers, and a bottle opener. At only 3.4 x 2 x .3 inches, it's the obvious choice as a daily pocket tool and can be carried without any extra bulk.

It may be small in size, but it's usefulness and potential life saving ability is undeniable!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lancer Mags On Sale!

Lancer Mags are on sale now, so don't wait, check them out on Gideon Tactical today. We've got the LF Advanced Warfighter Magazine in translucent and opaque. The L5AWM is the only Hybrid AR magazine available today that features the greatest characteristics of polymer and steel magazine designs.

The Lancer Mags have the reliability of a steel magazine, the durability of a polymer magazine, and the weight of an aluminum magazine. The uniqueness in the Advanced Warfighter Magazine is the one piece wrap-around hardened steel feed lip assembly that's permanently attached to an impact resistant polymer body. The hardened steel feed lips don't and won't bend, break or deform due to long term storage or rough handling.

The surface texture applied to the polymer body is aggressive to improve gripping and retrieval from pouches. It's a robust magazine, a result of a great combination of steel and polymer, yet lightweight, and tough enough for professional use. The body and component materials are corrosion and chemical resistant. They're compatible with modern weapon systems like the M4/M16/AR, HK416, SCAR16, and the ARX160 to name a few and is available in 10, 20 and 30 round capacity with a translucent polymer body.


So what will you choose-translucent or opaque?

Check out the great deal on these magazines on Gideon Tactical right now. Get yours and save. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New 5.11 Skyweight Rapid Dry Boots

The New 5.11 Skyweight Rapid Dry Boots are too good not to share! They were engineered for superior breathability and with quick-drying characteristics. They're the perfect tactical boot as they're crafted from a durably 1200D nylon and Clarino suede, yet made to look cool in their resilient, lightweight frame.

When in tactical environments, there's no time to be on shaky ground. The full CMEVA midsole and nylon shank increases torsional rigidity and stability. The forefoot is made broad purposefully to allow room for toe splaying to promote balance and traction over any unsure surface you may be on. 

5.11 thought of everything when creating this boot. The 8mm heel to toe drop provides enhanced acceleration and momentum control. This way, in case you have to move, fast, you can. The tactical outsole features argh lugs for ladder and rope work, with self-cleaning forefoot lugs, and an integrated rear heel brake. But most importantly of all, the special OrthoLite insoles offer added comfort for all day wearability.

The quick features at-a-glance are:
  • Extremely breathable, quick-drying
  • 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Broad forefoot for balance and engagement
  • Full length CVEMA midsole
  • Compatible with 5.11’s blood type patch kit
  • OrthoLite® insoles
  • GSA compliant
  • 1200D nylon and Clarino suede
  • Self-cleaning forefoot lugs
  • Rear heel brake
  • Nylon shank for torsional rigidity
  • Arch lugs for traction and rope work
  • Available in Dark Coyote
Available in sizes 5 to 15, in regular to wide width, there's a perfect pair for everyone. At only $139.99, let the new Skyweight's be your Tactical boot. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NEW Gerber: Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife

Gerber has always made some pretty awesome knives, and they didn't stop with the Bear Grylls Survival AO Folding knife. It exceeds the standard and your expectations!

Bear Grylls was an ex-British Special Forces officer who knows so much about survival as an experienced mountaineer and respected survival trainer. Gerber, who has decades of experienced combined with the knowledge of Bear Grylls, the Survival AO Knife was born.

This knife gives it's users the ability to engage with the surroundings in perpetual survival mode.

It features:
  • Assisted opening / one hand opening
  • Safety lock keeps blade closed
  • Partially serrated blade
  • Dual thumbstuds
  • 7Cr17MoV steel
  • Plunge lock
  • 30% glass-filled nylon with rubber overmold handle
  • Pocket clip
  • Lanyard hole
  • Priorities of Survival pocket guide

The quick access of the blade of a folding knife is important in survival situations, and with this knife it has an assisted opening blade that deploys reliably and quickly with one hand! It responds for instant use when a tricky situation arises and there's no time. The Survival AO implements a plunge lock and a safety lock. The safety barrel lock keeps the blade closed while in your pocket or as a secondary lock when it's opened. Closing the knife is easy, as you saw on the video, after the plunge lock is released, simply press it down against a firm surface, and boom.

This is a solid steel built knife that's built to last. Find out all the nitty gritty details and more info on this awesome Bear Grylls Survival knife over on our website.

You can't beat this quality for the price.

Remember, surviving the unexpected is about being prepared!