Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Targets and Stands for Training

For our gun enthusiasts and those in training, what Targets and Stands do you use to practice your shots? Well we've got a ton of different options at GideonTactical that will help aid in your training and sharp shooting skills. Our training products will help make sure you make the shot and continue to train your eye and accuracy.

Check out these great options.

Are you looking for something simple to help you train? Or do you just want to go out and shoot?

Action Target has a fantastic option with the PT Hold. It provides a stable platform that holds any type of paper-based target, is easy to move and assemble. (1x2 wood and target not included).

Paper and cardboard targets are a great way to teach accuracy or threat recognition techniques. Unfortunately, there often is not a convenient way to mount them.

The PT Hold™ target holder combines a sturdy foot assembly with a simple clamp that holds 1-by-2 strips of wood to provide a portable and reliable way to mount your paper and cardboard targets anywhere you need to. You can also order special mounting rods to use Action Target 3D Targets with your PT Hold™ stands.

This target circle can be mounted to the Evil Roy Practice Stand and regular Action Target stands used for the AT Static.

All shooting surfaces are made of through hardened 500 (or 550 HD) Brinell steel for maximum safety and durability, and they are completely flat and smooth with no exposed bolts, clamps or brackets to cause unpredictable splatter when they are inevitably hit.

Target stand not included.

Light paper. 25 yard, Size: 20.5" x 23.5". Approximately 1/2 size of B-21X and reversed with red center for an improved sight picture.
Package of 100 Targets.

NOTE: This is the target head only!

With an AR550 armor steel head plate slanted at 45 degrees, this static target is specifically designed for shooting high-powered rifles at close distances. Most steel targets, even those made of AR550 armor steel, don't stand up well to the power of rifle ammunition when shot from distances closer than 100 yards, but the 45 Degree Static's unique design allows it to absorb the impact of high-powered ammunition from as close as 50 yards.

The 45 Degree Static uses a high angle of deflection to force bullet fragments down toward the feet of the target. Because the steep angle of the target spreads bullet impact over a larger surface area, the 45 Degree Static is perfectly capable of handling .223, .308, and even slugs from only 50 yards, giving you greater training freedom in a smaller area. The head plate is 14” tall and 12” wide making it elliptical in shape, but the steep slant makes it appear perfectly round to a shooter standing 50 yards away.

Just like Action Target's standard PT Static targets, the head plate of the 45 Degree Static is mounted to the stand so it bounces when hit, giving you immediate visual feedback and positive reinforcement for accurate shots. The head plate of the target is completely flat with no exposed bolts, clamps, or brackets to cause unpredictable splatter when inevitably hit, and the low profile bullet-shedding stand helps make this one of the most durable targets on the market.