Friday, February 12, 2016

Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance (ZT) offers a decade of experience in meeting the hard-use-knife needs of military, law enforcement professionals, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel.

ZT’s initial product line consisted of combat knives, but has since expanded to include general use and premium knives. Read on for details on two top-of-the-line ZT knives:

Based on its predecessor’s streamlined form and high-performance function, the 0450 features lightweight, stronger-than-steel titanium handles. The knife opens smoothly, and its 3.25-inch, S35VN stainless blade sharpens to a razor edge, holds it well, and can be resharpened easily. Its innovative KVT opening system enables smooth, easy blade opening without the use of a spring or torsion bar needed to assist the blade out of the handle.

The 0801’s blade features excellent edge retention, strength, and toughness. Its handle is constructed of lightweight, durable titanium with machined grooves that offer a secure grip along with a great look. Deploy the blade by using the built-in flipper, and its pocketclip is designed for deep carry and is reversible for left- or right-handed carry. Decorative pivot hardware completes the knife’s distinctive look.

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