Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hornady Critical Duty 9MM: Revolutionary, Modern Handgun Ammo

With a velocity of 1110 feet per second at the muzzle, the Hornady Critical Duty 9MM ammunition offers the most consistent and reliable urban-barrier performance created specifically for tactical professionals. Read on for more information on this advanced, modern handgun ammunition.

The FlexLock® bullet features two revolutionary Hornday features: the unique Flex Tip® design, which eliminates clogging and aids bullet expansion, and the heavy-duty InterLock® band, which locks the jacket and core from separating; this allows for maximum weight retention and proven terminal performance through all FBI test barriers.

Its core is comprised of high-antimony lead, which drastically increases its durability, and its nickel-plated cases resist corrosion and greatly enhance low-light chamber checks. 

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