Thursday, May 12, 2016

Premium-Grade Benchmade Knives Now Available

Built from the best raw materials, Benchmade’s premium-grade knives are designed specifically for the most demanding customers, which range from special operations forces to elite, backcountry hunters and everything in between. Take a look below for details on two excellent selections.

The Benchmade Mini Reflex II, Combo Edge features an upgraded Benchmade automatic package, giving it increased reliability and improved access to its enlarged, push-button automatic mechanism, which is built to be fast, convenient, and extremely strong. Its 154CM Steel is American-made and offers good edge retention and a strong resistance to corrosion. Its everyday-use capabilities make it an ideal choice for most applications. The Benchmade Mini Reflex II’s firm, aluminum handle is comprised of nonferrous metal and is excellently formed, easy to grip, and functions well at its nominal weight. Additional features include:

  • blade length: 3.17 inches
  • blade thickness: 0.097 inches
  • open length: 7.35 inches
  • closed length: 4.17 inches
  • handle thickness: 0.48 inches
  • weight: 2.58 ounces
  • blade edge: partially serrated
  • blade finish/color: coated
  • blade style/shape: drop-point

Considered one of the most recognizable tactical Benchmade knives, the Benchmade Auto Presidio, Tanto, Black Blade, Partially Serrated knife’s 154CM blade is comprised of American-made stainless steel, giving it good edge retention and corrosion resistance for overall toughness. Its handle is constructed from a nonferrous metal originally developed as premium aircraft-grade aluminum. Its state-of-the-art Auto AXIS® lock is strong, fast, and reliable, capable of firing the blade open 100% mechanically when the AXIS® bar is pulled downward. Additional integrated safety mechanisms are available along with the added safety of a “suck back” feature. Some additional features include:

  • blade length: 3.47 inches
  • blade thickness: 0.125 inches
  • open length: 8.25 inches
  • weight: 5.60 ounces
  • MOLLE compatible: yes
  • blade edge: serrated
  • blade finish/color: coated
  • blade style/shape: tanto

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