Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Improve Your Shooting with the PACT Club Shooting Timer III

Regardless of what degree of skill you possess as a shooter – hobby shooter, competitive shooter, military-, or law-enforcement-trained shooter – PACT knows very well that there’s always room for improvement. This is why they develop all their products to give shooters the necessary tools to achieve quantifiable improvement. One such product is specifically designed to do this and so much more: the PACT Club Shooting Timer III, which is regarded as the ultimate timer for running matches and increasing shooting speed.

PACT Club Shooting Timer III

The ideal way to improve hit time is by diligent practice, so you need the PACT Club Shooting Timer III to record and display all relevant data related to your shooting in a simple, straightforward manner. Featuring a rugged, impact-resistant, and ergonomically designed case, its purpose-built, easy-to-read display offers a wealth of information pertaining to a shooter’s shot string, shot number, and total time. Each value is clearly highlighted, without any button-pushing needed.

Use the PACT Club Shooting Timer III’s “Review” function to display each shot’s total time and split. If any PAR time is available, it will be displayed along with an indication of whether the time is set to a “Delayed” mode (allows a delay of 2 to 3.5 seconds before its extra-loud, custom-made buzzer rings) or an instant “GO”. In “Instant” mode, the “GO” button is pressed and held on the “Shooter Ready?” command and the buzzer will sound instantly when the “GO” button is released.

PACT Club Shooting Timer III

Designed to conveniently fit in your hand, the PACT: Club Shooting Timer III’s custom-made buzzer and its microphone are located near its side, away from your hand, thereby reducing the possibility of blocking them. All control buttons are recessed below its top, which nullifies the chances of accidentally pressing them when running with it. When you need to press a button, you’ll find that they are naturally positioned beneath your fingers, so you won’t need to hunt for them. Additionally, its custom-sealed, conductive-rubber keypad is waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about mechanical switches failing at inopportune times. Additionally, it uses a single, nine-volt battery (included) with an auto-power-down feature that kicks in after 15 minutes.

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