Thursday, June 15, 2017

Safariland 7378: Secure, Concealed Carrying

In today’s unpredictable world, you need to be prepared for anything at a moment’s notice. As a premiere, global provider of trusted, innovative, high-quality security products for public safety, military, and the outdoor recreation/personal-protection markets, Safariland understands and recognizes the potential dangers that lurk around every corner. Combining the security of ALS® with the speed and simplicity of an open-top design, the new Safariland Model 7378 ALS Concealment Holster is now available for the Glock 42/43 and features a welcome combination of security and quick access that keeps you one step ahead of any threat. Here’s why:

Safariland Model 7378 ALS Concealment Holster

The injection-molded Safariland Model 7378 ALS Concealment Holster is very thin and has no lining. It is constructed of a special, non-abrasive, SafariSeven™, nylon-blend material with no fillers, carbon, glass, or any other compounds that will do any abrasion-related damage to the finish of your weapon. This material also allows for a frictionless draw, thanks to tiny, raised stand-offs that are molded to either side of the interior part of the holster. These stand-offs prevent the holster from touching the side of the weapon.

Even if water moisture or other small particles, such as sand, happen to drop through the holster, these substances will be prevented from adhering to the side of the weapon, which contributes to a virtually effortless draw; simply use its thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip. You can be assured that nobody will know you’re carrying, as the Safariland Model 7378 ALS Concealment Holster rides close to your body, thereby offering easy concealment. 

Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, it has been rigorously tested to endure temperatures between 300 to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, a paddle and belt loop are included with the holster. Note that the light-bearing version of the holster will only retain the weapon when the light is mounted. Take a look at the holster-fit chart below to see what works the best for your individual needs:

Safariland Model 7378 ALS Concealment Holster

Be comfortable and carry with confidence. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit