Thursday, April 30, 2015

Now offering Raven Concealment

Friends, we are excited to now be offering the Raven Concealment holsters over on Gideon Tactical. Raven offers some amazing holsters that provide some of the highest level of concealment by being adaptable with wear under virtually any type of clothing.

Check out this video we made to help really give you a closer look at what a great holster, and quick draw you can have with this holster by your side.

Awesome, huh?

Here are a few of the cool holsters we've got from Raven ready for you.

Phantom Modular Holster, Full Shield

The Phantom Modular Holster has become the standard by which all other holsters are judged.
Copied by many but equaled by none, the Phantom Modular Holster is the first choice of armed professionals and civilians. The Phantom was designed from the outset to provide the highest possible level of concealment by being adaptable to wear with virtually any style of clothing. What makes the Phantom so unique is its ultra-thin, body-hugging pancake profile. This profile, in conjunction with Raven Eclipse Modular Mounting System, allows the Phantom to be worn either on the belt or inside the waistband.

The Appendix Carry Rig (ACR) was developed in early 2007 at the request of the instructor cadre at Modern Combative Systems (MCS).
MCS curriculum teaches students to carry weapons forward of the hips in order to facilitate improved retention and maximize speed of deployment. Traditional holsters are poorly suited for this method of carry, so Raven developed a truly unique holster purpose-built for this technique.

The VanGuard 2 is a minimalist IWB holster.
Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon.  This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster, while providing a level of safety and security not attainable by simply sticking a pistol in the waistband of your pants.


These and many more awesome concealment options are available over on our website. Take your level of concealment to a whole new level with Raven.