Monday, July 6, 2015

Princeton Tec: APEX LED Headlamp

The in stock and ready to ship Princeton Tec APEX LED Headlamp has been a favorite among outdoor adventurers and cavers for years. 

The APEX incorporates two LED types: The Maxbright LED is for intense, long-range spot lighting, and the Ultrabright LEDs are for a wide-angle, close-in lighting. Having a focused, narrow beam creates a spotlight that's ideal for night hiking and search and rescue, while the focused wide beams simulate daylight conditions so you can use your peripheral vision effectively. With the convenient dual switches you can easily adjust brightness, beam width, or both to fit your circumstance.

The APEX features the Heatsink Technology, which protects the LEDs from overheating by properly dissipating the heat. Because of this technology the APEX can burn at extremely high brightness levels for long periods of time. The convenient battery monitor on the back lets you know battery life so you can take proper precaution when using the headlamp.

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