Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Best of Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear prides itself on not making the same thing as everyone else. They are continually innovating so their products will always be not just "different", but better. They've pioneered technological innovations that have revolutionized load and weapon carrying.

Featured below are a few of their best-selling products.


These versatile straps hold a single tourniquet close by for when emergency situations arise on the field. They're compatible with the Trauma Kit NOW!, Admin Pouch, and the MOLLE web system shown below. 

Two elastic loops secure a NATO style webbing tourniquet while only taking up 3 vertical MOLLE loops. Tourniquets are one of the most simple, yet effective life-saving devices to have on hand.


Vickers Combat Applications Sling

This sling has revolutionized the way to carry automatic rifles. It's been designed to quickly transition between carrying a comfortably-slung rifle to being combat-ready in an instant using the patent-pending Quick Adjust.  The Sling Hardware section allows the sling to be combined with any variation of hardware and attach to virtually any weapon.


This pouch is designed to hold three M4 mags or similar-sized items, and conveniently attaches to all MOLLE platforms. It's ultra-low profile design is designed to go flat when mags are removed. The Triple M4 Pouch allows you to reposition your load to keep magazines and gear from being directly under you while prone.


Check out all the great Blue Force Gear products on GideonTactical.