Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Ultimate in Survival Gear

When it comes to survival gear, GideonTactical knows how to prepare you. Below are a few Survival Gear products we know you'll want to add to your pack.


Our Exclusive Trauma Kit is intended to always be with you so you can treat gunshot wounds on-the-spot, either before medical care arrives or the victim can be evacuated to safety.  Our kit includes the essentials to treat wounds to the chest, core, and limbs.

(Includes: Z Fold QuikClot Gauze, Swat-T Tourniquet, Bolin Chest Seal, EMI Shears, H-bandage, PriMed Gauze & Medic Tape) 

The Streamlight Siege Compact Hand Lantern is a great alkaline battery-powered lantern that will provide you with 360 degrees of soft light and can illuminate a large area.

With a max power of 340 lumens (on the White high setting), the lightweight Siege is a go-to lantern when you want to light up an entire campsite. The Streamlight Siege can run over 30 hours on high, can be hung upright or inverted, is waterproof, and can operate in Red SOS mode for up to 430 hours. This is the most durable and versatile option on the market.


When Kershaw and Emerson joined knife-producing forces, we knew the result would be precision engineering and an uncompromising functional design. Take the Kershaw Emerson CQC-4K as proof of that point.

The drop-point blade gives this knife multi-purpose cutting capability and a textured G-10 front scale offers a secure grip. The CQC-4K features the wave-shape, which is the feature that allows you to open the knife as it's being removed from your pocket, so the blade is fully deployed and ready for use by the time it is fully withdrawn.


To learn more about these products and our other great survival gear, check out all of our Survival Equipment.