Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oakley Tactical Footwear Options

When it comes to great tactical boot options, did you know Oakley has some skin in the game?

Oakley has several boot options to fit your tactical needs. We've reviewed some of them below.

Oakley: LSA (Land/Sea/Air) 6' Terrain Boot

The Oakley LSA's are a terrain-optimized boot, meaning they're focused on mission-specific requirements. The LSA's were truly meant to maximize performance with their ultra-lightweight and anatomically corrected design that makes them feel like a custom-fit. These boots have puncture-proof protection and are built with a slip-resistant  Unobatainium™ outsole for amazing traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Read more details about this boot. 

Oakley: 8" Standard Issue Assault Boot

Also available in black

These boots aren't just for a desert assault or skirmish, in fact, they're a great warm-weather option for the outdoor explorer, too. These boots are designed for comfort in hot environments; they feature a moisture-wicking lining to ensure it. They also feature an advanced load-bearing stability, with greater tread durability, and an athletically inspired lightweight design that'll keep your feet happy. Learn more about these boots.

Oakley: SI-6 Boot

The SI-6 boot is not your average boot. You'll notice it features an advanced synthetic upper with  Hydrofuse™ construction.  Hydrofuse™ is Oakley's high-tech, no-sew fabrication, which allows the upper construction to remain breathable. Siped traction means great slip resistance, too.  Read more about the SI-6 Boot.

For more Oakley boot options, shop the entire Oakley footwear line.