Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Oakley SI Daniel Defense Fuel Sunglasses Are In-Stock and Ready-to-Ship

Marty Daniel, founder of Daniel Defense, has implemented his unique, visionary concepts and designs on the modern assault rifle, which has led to many improvements. Daniel’s collaboration with Oakley has led to the creation of the Oakley SI Daniel Defense Fuel Cell Sunglasses collection, which features proprietary Cerakote MIL SPEC colors and Tornado, along with industrial rail accents that are associated with classic Oakley styles.

The lightweight and durable Oakley SI Fuel Cell-Daniel Defense Cerakote Mil Spec sunglasses feature High-Definition Optics® (HDO®): patented technologies that enable Oakley eyewear products to meet or exceed several rigorous testing standards, including optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance. Its unique lens design is achieved by cutting two lenses from the curve of a single lens shield before mounting them into the frame, which allows the original, continuous contour to be maintained.

They are constructed of lightweight O MATTER® frame material to ensure maximum comfort, while peripheral vision is maximized thanks to innovative XYZ OPTICS®. Easily meeting the ANSI Z87.1 impact-protection standards, the Three-Point Fit allows for the lenses to maintain exact optical alignment.

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