Thursday, April 14, 2016

Now Available at GideonTactical: Tenzing Outdoors Tactical Packs

In the market for a new tactical pack? Check out two great options from Tenzing below:

Created specifically for special-response professionals, the TT2220 Tactical Pack offers ample storage space for your weapon and tactical gear. You can easily organize all your important gear thanks to a total of 13 compartments and pockets (eight are specialty-zip pockets; one is an H20-compatible pocket). The TT2220 Tactical Pack is lightweight and ergonomic, offering maximum mobility coupled with an internal-fluted, aluminum frame stay that provides ample strength and rigidity, allowing it to endure the rigors of heavy field use. Its breathable, mesh-back padding provides comfortable carrying and long wearability.

The TTSP14 Tactical Shooters Pack is the only pack of its kind, as it features a unique design that allows snipers to be fully equipped and mobile. Its foldout, adjustable, rifle-securing boot offers excellent storage capabilities, and it quickly and efficiently converts from a scoped-rifle pack to a self-contained shooting rest, which enables snipers to take aim and fire without removing their weapons. The pack’s internal-fluted, aluminum frame stay offers added strength and rigidity, and its padded, removable waist belt comfortably fits 32-to 42-inch waists. Additionally, the pack’s 16 compartments offer abundant storage space for all your essential gear.

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