Friday, December 9, 2016

Featuring a Formidable Combination of Ruggedness, Speed, and Accuracy, the New Aimpoint, Inc. 3X-C Magnifier Is Your Sight of Choice

Through applying and employing over 40 years of experience working with industry-leading marksmen and military-weapon experts from around the world, Aimpoint, Inc.’s reliable red-dot sights combine high levels of ruggedness, speed, and accuracy into one solider-tested, combat-proven package. Utilized for a number of functions, including a handheld monocular or used in conjunction with Aimpoint sights to perform long-range aiming or observation, the new Aimpoint3X-C Magnifier – developed specifically for the civilian-end user – allows for effective, user-tailored, long-range aiming and observation.

Aimpoint, Inc. 3X-C Magnifier

The Aimpoint, Inc. 3X-C Magnifier’s efficiency is top-notch: It uses a sight’s red dot as the aiming reticle, thereby eliminating any need to re-zero when shifting between non-magnified and magnified aiming. Aligning the magnifier and sight is quick and easy, due to its internal optical adjustments. Customization is key: Shooters can utilize a variable (-2 to +2) dioptric setting to adapt the magnifier to accommodate their specific, eye-related needs. Moreover, shooters can enjoy an ideal, ergonomic grip along with enhanced durability, all offered by the Aimpoint, Inc. 3X-C Magnifier’s shock-absorbing, protective-rubber cover. Additional technical specs include the following:

Aimpoint, Inc. 3X-C Magnifier

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