Thursday, January 26, 2017

A-Frame Belt: Ergonomical, Durable, and Adjustable

As a small group of combat veterans, product designers, and manufacturers, WARFYTR is uniquely qualified to build personal gear that keeps you constantly one step ahead. Their meticulous designs and forward-thinking, patented solutions are a direct result of their nearly 25 years of government, military, law enforcement, executive protection, and firearms-instructor experience. The new A-Frame Belt, their most recent innovation, is the culmination of WARFYTR’s vast experience and skillful workmanship.

WARFYTR A-Frame Belt

Effectively solving the nagging discomfort most commonly associated with stiff gun/gear belts, the WARFYTR A-Frame Belt follows the natural shape of your hips and won’t dig into you. There is no “break-in” time needed: Featuring five rows of stitching that result in augmented levels of durability, the one-and-a-half-inch-wide belt is sewn into a curve, thereby lowering its front angles. Its weather-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel buckle also sits lower; therefore, it won’t poke you when sitting or bending forward.

WARFYTR A-Frame Belt

Covert carrying options are made incredibly simple thanks to the WARFYTR A-Frame Belt’s extra two inches of adjustable length that can accommodate effective, inside-the-waistband or concealed carrying. Rounding out its overall efficiency and comfort, its tail tucks inside to keep it from slipping under tension, and the sewn-in carabiner loop eliminates bulky “riggers belt” hardware. You can also securely store and carry magazines and other gear inside your waistband when wearing the belt. Some additional specs include the following:

  • no inserts or stiffeners are needed to increase its stability 
  • buckle is coated with a black oxide finish
  • the belt is available with or without Velcro
  • the Velcro belt model can connect the belt to an outer belt, thereby forming a two-belt system
  • the belt can easily accommodate a number of waist sizes, including 30 to 34 inches, 34 to 38 inches, and 38 to 42 inches

WARFYTR A-Frame Belt

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