Thursday, February 2, 2017

Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier: Compact, Customizable, Convenient

Continuously striving to meet and exceed the needs of their various clients, which range from retail dealers to private contractors, and law enforcement agencies to military suppliers worldwide, Condor Outdoor Products, Inc., infuses their 20-plus years of experience into all their quality, duty-oriented tactical and outdoor gear.

Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier

Condor’s new, versatile Vanquish Plate Carrier is designed to be fully customized and quickly configured to best meet the individual needs of the operator while in the field. Utilize the Vanquish Plate Carrier’s unique, “on-the-go” design: The base vest is a minimalist, low-profile platform that is unnoticeable under a loose-fitting jacket and can be adjusted to fit 34- to 50-inch waists.

Included with the carrier are adjustable, padded shoulder straps that offer a secure, comfortable fit, while shoulder pads are equipped with hook-and-loop guides that offer quick detachment and attachment. Its removable, female-end buckles allow several panels to be attached to its front:

Condor Vanquish Recon Panel: designed to hold up to six M4 magazines and up to six pistol magazines, allowing reliable access to your magazines whenever you need them

Condor Vanquish Recon Mag Panel

Condor Vanquish Kangaroo Mag Panel: able to hold up to three M4 magazines and up to three pistol magazines, it provides convenient, reliable access to them

Condor Vanquish Kangaroo Mag Panel

Condor Vanquish Modular Panel: featuring three rows of Molle webbing to support multiple extra attachments, it carries and provides convenient, reliable access to your additional gear whenever you need it

Condor Vanquish Modular Panel

Want to put that personal touch on the carrier? No problem: The Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier has loop ID panels located on its front and back that accommodate patches and accessories. Medium or large ESAPI plates, measuring up to 10.25 inches by 13.25 inches, can be firmly inserted into the carrier’s easily accessible plate pockets, and you can securely store and readily access important documents in its front-document pocket by using its hook-and-loop closure.

Condor Vanquish Plate Carrier

Available in a number of colors, including Olive Drab, Multicam, Coyote Brown, and Black, a number of other upgradable additions are available for the carrier, including:

  • Condor Vanquish Modular Cummerbund
  • Condor Vanquish Side Plate Inserts
  • Condor Vanquish Zipper Strip

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