Friday, February 10, 2017

The EOTech Vudu: Compact, Fully Loaded

Looking for an optic that has a reticle that offers fast target engagement at low power but is still capable of providing the resolution and accuracy needed to take longer shots at higher levels of power? This is all made possible thanks to the new, compact, and fully loaded EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP Riflescope and its EOTech Speed Ring reticle: the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and fit-for-purpose practicality.

EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP Riflescope

As an exclusive manufacturer and world leader of holographic-sighting systems for small arms, weapons sights, tactical lasers, night vision, and thermal devices, EOTech is dedicated to providing its clientele of shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement and military professionals, and hunters with state-of-the-art, high-quality optical products. In its continuing quest to consistently produce the very finest, battle-tested products, EOTech developed the groundbreaking The EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP Riflescope, which feels as natural on the AR platform as it does on your bolt-action rifle of choice, specifically constructed with the three-gun and serious hunter as inspirations for its intuitive, versatile design.

EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP Riflescope

Along with offering superior levels of durability and accuracy, the EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP Riflescope is the perfect solution for short-to-medium-range applications. In addition to push-button illumination controls and a flat-back, type III anodized-exterior finish, some additional specs include:

  • magnification: 1-6x
  • objective lens: 24 millimeters
  • eye relief: 1x: 83-100 millimeters, 6x: 82-100 millimeters
  • exit pupil: 1x: 11.4 millimeters, 6x: 4.0 millimeters
  • field-of-view (degrees): 1x: 19.4 degrees, 6x: 3.2 degrees
  • field-of-view (@100 yards): 1x: 102.4 feet, 6x: 16.7 feet
  • overall length: 270 millimeters (10.63 inches)
  • weight: 20.1 ounces (570 grams)
  • tube diameter: 30 millimeters
  • battery type: CR2032

EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP Riflescope

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