Friday, April 21, 2017

Coast PX1: A Trusted Sidekick

When you need reliable illumination that is ideal for outdoor, recreational, and professional usage, the new, technically innovative Coast PX1 Focusing LED Flashlight will prove to be a trusted companion for any task. At Coast, they infuse an attitude of acknowledging how the right tools can make working professionals’ jobs easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Here’s how the Coast PX1 Focusing LED Flashlight can do just that:

Coast PX1 Focusing LED Flashlight

Thanks to the Coast PX1 Focusing LED Flashlight’s powerful Pure Beam Optic that can readily twist its focus, you can utilize two unique lighting modes: flood and spot. Flood mode gives you an ample, bright circle of light – measuring up to 11.5 feet in diameter, or 3.5 meters, at 6 feet in distance – with even amounts of brightness across and no troublesome dark spots. Its spot mode features a large viewing area that encircles its tightly focused spot beam. Use this mode’s transition halo that illuminates areas located far downrange of your line of sight, measuring up to 767 feet (234 meters).

Coast PX1 Focusing LED Flashlight

The impact- and weather-resistant Coast PX1 Focusing LED Flashlight is well-suited to handle any adverse conditions or rough handling, as evidenced by its virtually unbreakable LED. Use its reversible clip to enjoy the ultimate in versatility: Secure it either in your pocket or attach it to the bill of your hat, whichever best suits your individual needs for the job at hand. Additional specs include the following:

  • high setting’s output: 315 lumens
  • low setting’s output: 25 lumens
  • high setting’s beam distance: 429 feet / 131 meters
  • low setting’s beam distance: 121 feet / 37 meters
  • runtime (high): 2 hours, 15 minutes
  • runtime (low): 41 hours
  • length: 4.5 inches / 11.4 centimeters
  • weight: 4.6 ounces / 130 grams
  • battery description: 3X AAA

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