Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cool Streamlight Pistol-Grip Spotlight For Sale!

The Streamlight Waypoint C4 LED Pistol-Grip Spotlight is a cool rechargeable, high performance light that you need to know about. With a broader, wider beam than the alkaline Waypoint-it covers more ground. And having it near water---NO problem! As it will float to the surface for easy retrieval. Right now, BLACK is on sale for a limited time!

The great pistol grip gives you an easy, comfortable hold that eliminates user hand fatigue, and it features 3 modes. High, Low, and Emergency Signal. The trigger style switch makes for easy momentary and constant 'on' operation. The secondary rotary switch selects the three modes talked about above. 

The new C4 LED illumination gives out 370 lumens on high (yellow), 300 Lumens in black, with a 5 hour runtime. The low setting gives you 30 lumens, with 170 beam distance, and a 50 hour runtime. The Emergency signal can run up to 35 hours

You can expect a full charge in only 4 hours! So it's ready for you when you need it most.

The housing of this light is made of high impact polycarbonate with a rubberized lens protector. It means that this light can withstand a lot of abuse. 

The spotlight provides portability and long runtimes meaning it's a great on-scene lighting option when you need dependability.

Fun to hold? Yes, indeed. But you can also set it on it's stand for a steady hands-free illumination wherever and whenever you need it! All you do is simply rotate the integrated stand up from the top of the light, and turn the Waypoint on it's head. The ratcheting stand can be rotated almost 180 degrees, allowing you to set and aim, when you know exactly where your light beam needs to be. 

Get your Streamlight Pistol-Grip Spotlight right now! *Black on sale for a limited time!*