Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Training Guns

When it comes to training for Law Enforcement, simulation of  real-life situations that may occur are critical. With our line of firearm simulators and red guns for training, you can feel secure in knowing your training is being taken up a notch, and you're prepared for situations what may arise when you're in a real-life situation on the job.

The ASP Red Training Arms are great because they're safe, visible, and extremely realistic to the touch. The ASP Red Gun Series are ideal for many types of training scenarios. If you're training Law Enforcement, or anyone who wants to learn to properly handle a gun, this is the way to go. With a Red Gun you can learn how to properly transport, retain, and even present firearms.

The replicas of the guns are detailed! They fit identically into regular duty, tactical and concealed carry holsters, weapon racks, and even carry cases.

The use of the Red is to be visible, and also the durable polymer material that's reinforced to withstand the daily abuses of a weapons training environment.

Did you know that every year there are a number of injuries associated with police officers shooting themselves with their own guns? It's important to train for weapon retention and disarming under stressful scenarios. Learn control, placement and hand placement with a training gun, that way when you go to the real thing, you're confident and secure.
Get your hands on Red Guns for training, to make sure those who need to use a gun are going to do so properly and safely.

Safety should always be a priority. Check out our gun simulators today.