Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NEW Remington CAMO 770 Rifle

Calling all CAMO lovers! You've gotta see this new Remington Model 770 Camo Rifle.

This model, designed to be an upgrade to the famous Model 710 is built to Remington's rigorous standards of accuracy and extreme reliability. Directly out-of-the-box, this rifle will have great accuracy and performance, always a stand-out feature of Remington's great rifles.

The Model 770 Stainless Camo features a Realtree AP HD camo stock that's ergonomically contoured and even features a raised cheekpiece for rapid scope to eye alignment. Users love the textured grips on the stock which gives you superior shot control and holding power. The detachable magazine feature is great, and holds four rounds of .270 Win shells and an easy-camming 60 degree bolt!

The receiver features a factory mounted bore-signed 3 9x40mm scope, so you won't have to mess with anything after market. It will enable you to have rapid target acquisition, no matter where you're hunting. Whether you're in the woods, or a competitive shooter, and you don't want the hassle of selecting scopes and other variable components, the Remington 770 Model may be for you. It fast forwards the process, and out-of-the-box holds amazing reliability and accuracy.


Get your hands on your Camo Rifle, today!

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