Thursday, March 12, 2015

Customize your AR-15, and 10% off Accessories!

Good Morning Gideon Tactical fans! We've got an amazing sale going on for all the AR-15 lovers out there. You can customize your AR-15 exactly how you want to with 10% off all those great accessories using code TENOFFAR, today.

We wanted to make sure you knew about what was going on, so here are a few other great things happening.

Aimpoint: Patrol Rifle Optic Sight PRO--ON SALE NOW

Remington: UMC Pistol Ammo, .40 S&W, 180 gr., Metal Case--ON SALE NOW

Smith and Wesson: M&P15, .22LR-- ON SALE NOW

As you can see, there's some great sales going on right now. Be sure to stop on over to our website and cruise through the Hot Sales & Specials so you don't miss any!