Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NEW Gerber eFECT II, AR-15 Maintenance Tool

That right there is the eFECT II--the improvement on Gerber's iconic compact multi-tool for the AR-15, the M4, or the M16 weapon platform.

So here's what the eFECT II can do for you. It features an M249 style carbon scraper for cleaning out the inside of the bold carrier and then a second contoured steel scraper for cleaning the caked-on carbon from the bolt. There's a removable dental style pick for carbon to clean the ejector end of the bolt, too. 

This tool will clean effectively and FAST--because we don't need to spend all day cleaning our weapons.

You simply unscrew the dental pick and thread a cleaning cable to the eFECT II to use the tool as a handle for your cleaning cable.  Also you'll see included in the tool is a beery flathead driver for tightening down optics and accessories in the weapon system. There's also a takedown pin punch and a front sight adjustment tool for those with iron sights. The new eFECTII also includes a coyote nylon MOLLE sheath that users love.

While this product is popular, it's currently on backorder for a few weeks. But don't wait--get it on order so when it comes into stock it can ship right out to you!

  • M249 carbon scraper
  • M4 / M16 bolt scraper
  • Detachable dental style carbon pick
  • Flathead screw driver
  • Takedown pin punch
  • MOLLE compatible coyote nylon sheath 
  • Closed length: 3.5 in.
  • Open length: 5.7 in.
  • Weight: 5.4 oz (with sheath)