Friday, July 22, 2016

Daniel Defense Furniture Combo

Comprised of a precision-formed buttstock, an ergonomically designed pistol grip, and a lightweight, durable vertical grip, the Daniel Defense Furniture Combo offers a shooter ultimate comfort and unprecedented control of a firearm. Here’s what you need to know:

The adjustable buttstock is made from a proprietary blend of glass-infused polymers and finished off with soft-touch, rubber overmolding in key locations. Designed specifically for mil-spec receiver extensions to greatly reduce forward or lateral play, shooters can be assured of a comfortable and repeatable cheek weld. Additional stats include:

  • 7 inches long
  • 5.5 inches tall
  • 1.75 inches thick
  • weighs 0.50 pounds

Crafted with ergonomics and controllability in mind, the pistol grip shares the angle of the classic 1911 pistol, providing the most natural hand position along with a comfortable feel. Incorporating an oversized trigger guard that efficiently covers the gap between grip and lower receiver, installation is simple because the integral trigger guard doesn’t require a roll pin, thereby reducing the chance of damaging the lower receiver. Weights and dimensions include:

  • 4.25 inches tall
  • 2 inches wide
  • 1.38 inches thick
  • weight: 0.20 pounds

The recently updated and improved vertical grip features soft-touch, rubber overmolding that allows for an enhanced grip, which is extremely useful in either wet or dry conditions. Small parts can be stored inside the grip in its Dual O-Ring, water-tight storage compartment. Extremely lightweight, it utilizes a simple, durable mounting method for 1913 picatinny rail systems. Here are some additional specs:

  • 4.5 inches tall
  • 2 inches wide
  • 1.38 inches thick
  • weight: 0.15 pounds
  • available colors: Black, Daniel Defense Tornado, Milspec+

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