Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bump Helmet & Accesories!

Looking for Bump Helmets? We've got them at Gideon Tactical. The bump helmet is designed to provide a lightweight design that can protect your head from blunt trauma and impacts. They're great for training, legit operations, roping, climbing, military, etc.

We've got a great Bump Helmet option we'd like to show you by Team Wendy, and some great accessories that go with it.

Team Wendy: EXFIL Carbon Tactical Bump Helmet

This EXFIL Carbon Tactical Bump Helmet is the first carbon fiber helmet made with our next gen helmet liner technology. That technology was largely developed under an Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center program, and features a hybrid sling/polymer structure impact management system that offers improved multi-impact performance. The liner allows for awesome flow and ventilation. It has clearance for all popular communications headsets and is currently available in black, flat dark earth, and multicam. 

Read more about the EXFIL Carbon Tactical Bump Helmet here

This Bump Helmet is great because it works with all Peltor COMTAC systems. It eliminates that uncomfortable, rigid metal headband and provides a bitter fit and comfort. It has an easy 2 thumbscrew attachment and allows the system to be easily adjusted while remaining secure with universal hardware. It's made to allow headsets to easily rotate providing you ventilation in hot environments, and wiring can even easily be routed in or outside the helmet shell!

See more about the Team Wendy T-Slot COMTAC adapter here

The mesh helmet covers are made of a great nylon (multicam is polyester) and designed for use with the Team Wendy's EXFIL helmet shown above. It's such an easily installation and removal with the hook/loop attachment and allows rapid change of the camouflage helmet pattern with zero tools required!

The mesh cover is designed to allow full use of the goggle retention system and won't get in the way. It also allows air flow through the helmet vents. You can choose from 3 different color/pattern combos for whatever suits your needs or demands.

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