Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Keep that Gun clean!

It's pretty likely that if you spent good money on your gun, and it's important to you, that you'll keep that bad boy cleaned and looking good. We know that gun cleaning accessories are important and not just anything can be used to shine up that weapon.

At Gideon Tactical, we've got you and your gun covered with all sorts of great supplies to keep it shiny and new for years to come.

Check 'em out!

Cleaning your pistol can be intensive and time consuming, but not with this great Carbon Killer Gun Cleaner! It dissolves carbon and lead on contact and designed for soaking metal parts with baked-on carbon. Most products aren't reusable like this, but Carbon Killer IS. This product is actually non-hazardous and biodegradable, not to mention non-flammable. 

Wipe it down with this 95% cotton/5% polyester blend utility towel. Perfect for weapon cleaning, sports and training. It's got a nice subtle tone-on-tone embroidery and at 25"x15" it'll be put to good use.

Remington: Universal Squeeg-e Gun Cleaning System

If you want a kit that has it all--this is it . Packed filled with cleaning supplies, here's the rundown.
Based on the revolutionary Rem Squeeg-E, which eliminates the need for cleaning patches, the system includes all the tools needed to clean almost any firearm, from a .22 caliber handgun to a 12-gauge shotgun, conveniently packed in a green canvas range bag with shoulder strap.

  • (3) Rem Flex Rod Cables (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol/Revolver)
  • Patented Fast Snap T-Handle
  • .22/.223/5.56mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • .243 Rem Squeeg-E
  • .270/7mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • .308/7.62mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • 9mm/.380/.357 Rem Squeeg-E
  • .40/10mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • .44/.45 Rem Squeeg-E
  • .50/.410 Rem Squeeg-E
  • 20GA/28GA Rem Squeeg-E
  • 12GA/16GA Re® Squeeg-E
  • (10) Matching Bronze Bore Brushes
  • Threaded Revolver Adapter
  • Large thread adapter
  • Nylon and Brass Hand Brushes (1 each)
  • Yellow Gun Cloth
  • Medium Rem® Pad Gun Cleaning Mat (12" x 28")
  • Rem® All In Bore Cleaner (0.5 fl oz)
  • Rem® Oil (1.0 fl oz)
  • Range Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Instruction Sheet
The fun doesn't stop here. Oh no! We've got three pages of supplies and products to clean those guns. From special brushes, to lubricant, to weapons grease and more. Be sure to go ahead and check it out keep your gun maintenanced well!