Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NEW ShellBack Chest Rigs

We've got a few, great New ShellBack Chest Rigs for you to check out and we're gonna tell you all about them today.

First up, the ShellBack Tactical Go-Time Triple Mag Chest Rig.

This Rig was made and designed due to many requests received by Shellback. It has three pouches sewn on the front with bungee pull tabs. The way they evolved this rig even further was by adding the three rows of PALS webbing across the front of the pouches, allowing even more versatility for the wearer.

The pouches on this particular rig will accommodate the following: .223/5.56 AR-15/M-4 type 30 round magazines, MAPUL PMAGS, CAA countdown mags, Lancer L5 Translucent, HKSA80 mags, GI magazines, Colt Magazines, Thermolds, and any steel aluminum type 30 round mag variations. Clearly, this thing can be used with a HUGE variety of ammo.

The quick detach system is a one-handed operation. The padded curved neck strap keeps you comfortable when wearing for long periods of time. And the interior pocket will fit 2 different soft armor plates. This product has a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

Next, the ShellBack Go-Time Chest Rig.

This guy is the original. It was designed and developed to allow a law enforcement officer to have a low profile chest rig with all the necessary equipment to combat in a dangerous active shooter situation. It has an integrated double rifle magazine pouch allowing you to carry two rifle M4 Type magazines and two pistol pouches allowing you to carry (2) double stack pistol/handgun magazines or (4) 1911 type pistol mags.

The Go-Time Original will accommodate the following: .223/5.56 AR-15/ M-4  type 30 round magazines, MAGPUL PMAGS (with or without Magpuls and Ranger plates), CAA countdown mags, Lancer L5 Translucent, HK SA80 mags, GI magazines, Colt magazines, Thermolds and any steel or aluminum type 30 round magazine variations. 

This ShellBack Furty Chest Rig is the H-Harness type rig and includes two Molle Pouches. It accommodates weapon magazines from multiple weapon systems to allow for versatility. The Four center mounted pouches can hold any style/brand M4 Magazines including SCAR light mags, M14 magazines, 7.62 AK-47 magazines, .308 type magazines, and HK91 magazines. The bungee retention straps can be adjusted to fit your particular magazine. On the front of the rifle pouches are (4) Universal pistol magazines pouches with magnets that will hold up to 9mm (double stack), .40cal (double stack), 1911 type .45 and .45 (double stack) magazines using universal pistol pouches. These are also great for multi tools or folding knives. At each end of the chest rig is 3 rows of P.A.L.S. webbing. 

The center pouch behind the magazines can be used as an admin area for extra handcuffs, tools, flashlights, or whatever you need to have on hand. Or it can be used to hold a handgun. The comfortable padded shoulder straps have multiple routing channels for communication cables, hydration tubing, flex cuffs, etc. 


When looking for just the right Chest Rig, consider these ShellBack options. All of them come in different color combinations to suit your needs.