Thursday, May 14, 2015

Don't risk it--Get your Gun Safe

Keeping a firearm unloaded and locked, with the ammunition stored in a locked location separate from the firearm, significantly decreases the risk of suicide and unintentional firearm injury and death involving both long guns and handguns. These safe storage measures serve as a “protective effect” and assist in reducing youth suicide and unintentional injury in homes with children and teenagers where guns are stored.
The presence of unlocked guns in the home increases the risk not only of accidental gun injuries but of intentional shootings as well. (according to
This is why at GidTac we take gun safety seriously and we know you do, too. So what's your gun safe situation like? We've got a bunch of gun safes and lockers that will keep those who shouldn't be getting into your gun away.

A few of the popular options are shown below:

For a small and portable option...

GunVault: Small Portable NanoVault Firearm Safe

The NanoVault is perfect for home, travel or concealed-weapon permit holders. The NanoVault meets TSA airline firearm guidelines and fits discreetly in a bag, briefcase, or desk or under a vehicle seat. The NanoVault features an easy-to-operate key lock system, steel construction and 1/2-inch per side thick memory foam interior. The NanoVault is supplied with a 1500 lb test security cable. When the cable is wrapped around any fixed object and slipped over the lock receiver inside the security box, both the NanoVault and any valuables inside will be securely attached. 

GunVault: 2000 Series Multi-Vault Digital Safe

  • Outside is constructed of 16-gauge steel and protective foam-lined interior
  • Extra storage capacity and removable interior shelf
  • Tamper-resistant spring-loaded door
  • Audio and LED low battery warning
  • Battery power provides portability
  • Mounts almost anywhere in any direction
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools
  • Tamper indicator alerts invalid entry attempts 
  • Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries
  • Specifications: 14" X 10.1" X 7.9" / 14 lbs. 
  • Choose Standard, Deluxe or Biometric

Stack-On: QAS-1304 Low Profile Quick Access Safe

Secure storage for a handgun…wherever immediate access could be a lifesaver. At home or in the office.
  • Small size and lockable mounting plate lets you secure the safe almost anywhere
  • Electronic lock designed for immediate access—IF you know the code
  • Solid steel construction and reinforced pry-resistant door
  • Electronic lock is easily reprogrammable from inside the safe
  • Includes back-up trouble key for emergency entry

GunVault: SV500 SpeedVault Safe

The GunVault Speed Vault Digital Handgun Safe SV500 is made with a fast action, drop down door that lets you easily access your firearm whenever you need it. The interior of this Pistol Safe by the expert product engineers at Gun Vault is made with a protective foam lining that will make sure the finish of your firearm stays intact. The Gun-Vault Digital SpeedVault Sidearm Storage Safe is made with an incredibly durable 18 gauge construction, making virtually impenetrable. The audio and LED warning system on this GunVault Handgun Vault lets you know when the batteries are low and need to be replaced. The Gun Vault Speed-Vault Digital Firearm Storage Vault includes the mounting hardware that allows you to place it almost anywhere.

See our endless gun safe and lockers options here. Don't let an accident be on your watch. Get your gun safe, today!