Thursday, May 28, 2015

The PACT Club Timer III

Have you heard of the PACT Club Timer III? If you're someone who loves to shoot and a little competition while you're at it, the PACT Club Timer could be a great little gadget for you to own. It's guaranteed to help you improve your shooting and make sure you beat your buddies every time.

So, what exactly could the PACT Club Timer III do for you? We'll tell you!

If you're really into shooting then you know that improving your hit time is something you strive for and takes diligent practice. Comparing time-to-hit is how you know the real difference in skill between shooters. However, without a timer you really don't have any way of knowing if you're improving and hitting more quickly, or regressing.

You may try to get away with just any old timer, but you're probably looking for more than that. This timer will teach you exactly what you need to know about your shooting in a straightforward manner with no fuss when it comes to using the timer itself. Without pushing any buttons the PACT Club Timer III will tell you everything you need to know without any unnecessary button-pushing.

However, some people may want to review their individual shot times, and you can see the shot info at once right on the screen without having to page back and forth.

You may be curious about the size of the timer. The Club Timer III is designed to fit in your hand. The buzzer and microphone are located to the side of the timer, away from your hand, to make sure you don't block them. Buttons are carefully recessed so that there's no chance of pressing them as you run with the timer, but they're easy to find and feel on the go.

This is THE best choice for club shoots because it's SIMPLE! There are so many features, too many, even to fully talk about here today. So be sure to pop on over to GidTac and check out the Club Timer III in more detail over there.

  • Designed to fit the hand
  • Both the buzzer and microphone are located to the side of the timer, away from your hand, to minimize the possibility of blocking them
  • All the control buttons are recessed below the top of the Club Timer III so that there is no chance of accidentally pressing them as you run with the timer
  • Custom sealed conductive rubber keypad
  • Ergonomically designed rugged, impact resistant case
  • Easy to carry or the stainless steel clip will securely hold the unit onto your belt
  • Uses a single 9-volt battery (included)