Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Holster Hunter

Right there, yes there. That big red button on the top left navigation of our Gideon Tactical site. Yep, that one. That little Holster Hunter feature will be your best pal and keep your eyes from getting sore and frustrations at bay. That, right there, is the Holster Hunter

It's the easiest and quickest way to find just the right holster for your weapon with a click of a few buttons.

Once you've clicked on Holster Hunter you'll find an easy little 3 step process that will begin the narrowing down of your searching.

1. Select your Weapon Manufacturer
2. Select your Weapon Model
3. Select any attachments, if none, click No Attachments

It's that easy.

Click Find My Holster and bam. All the options that fit your specific gun are populated. Now you have time to click through and find the one you'd like, according to style, holster location, material, and color, etc. 

Forget any tedious clicking and searching, we take all that work and do it for you! So go ahead and test it out. 

Find the holster for you using Holster Hunter, today.