Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New! Smith & Wesson Model M&P Shield-9mm

If you're looking for a weapon that's slim and concealable, the Smith & Wesson Model M&P Shield 9mm may be the one for you.

It's lightweight design makes it desirable when being worn in a holster or concealed. The slim design combined with the trusted and proven features in the M&P Pistol series make it a popular choice. It's professional grade features like its one-inch profile and optimized 18 degree grip angle provides consumers with reliable performance, yet simple operation.

The great features of the M&P Shield includes a high-strength polymer frame with a black, durable, corrosion resistant finish with a coated stainless steel slide and barrel. It comes standard with a 3.1 inch barrel, which makes it an overall length of 6.1 inches, at an unloaded weight of only 19 ounces.

The standard of these pistols is a 5.3 inch sight radius giving it fast tracking and a smooth target acquisition, and it's been enhanced with a consistent, short trigger pull measuring 6.5 pounds. Our customers love the quick and audible resent made possible by the striker-fired action.  For an accurate and consistent hit, allowing multiple rounds to be placed on target, the 9mm M&P Shield Pistol is it.

Capacity:7 Round & 8 Round
Action:Striker Fire Action
Barrel Length:3.1" / 7.874 cm
Front Sight:White Dot
Rear Sight:White 2-Dot
Overall Length:6.1" / 15.5 cm
Frame Width:.95” / 2.413 cm
Overall Height:4.6” / 11.684 cm
Weight:19.0 oz / 538.7 g
Frame Material:Polymer
Barrel/Slide Finish:Black, 68 HRc
Trigger Pull:6.5 lbs. +/-
Sight Radius:5.3” /13.3 cm