Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shooting Gloves

Do you wear shooting gloves? Well, why not! At GideonTactical we've got a bunch of different options that are going to enhance your shooting experience while keeping those hands protected. From brands like 5.11, ATK, Oakley and more, you can trust 'em. Whether you're shooting in cold weather, need the extra protection, padding or comfort, there's sure to be a glove for you.

So let's check out some of the options, shall we?

5.11 TF Finger Gloves

Designed for tactical operators and sharpshooters in cold weather environments.

The TAC TF Trigger Finger Glove is a 5.11 exclusive item built from our patent-pending military-grade Defender M® no-melt, no-drip knit fabric. The unique design of the TAC TF allows the operator to trim off the tip of the thumb, trigger, or middle finger without creating frayed edges or compromising seam integrity, allowing an unprecedented level of individual customization that ensures top level shooting performance in the field. An extended cuff features a closed gusset and hook and loop closure for a snug fit that won’t slip in wet weather, while the seamless goatskin palm maintains an uninterrupted connection with a rifle stock or pistol grip, ensuring maximum control and precision.

Oakley Standard Issue Assault Glove

The SI Assault Gloves have many useful features. Rugged micro-vented leather palm reinforced and carbon fiber knuckle plating.  Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction.  Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability.  Surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip plus textured pull for easy donning.

Blackhawk Cool Weather Shooting Gloves
  • Ideal for activities in cool to cold weather
  • Stretch shell follows the contours of the hand, allows complete dexterity
  • Plush fleece interior for warm comfort
  • Snug extended cuff keeps out the cold
  • Ergonomically positioned gel contact points provide excellent durability and control even in wet conditions
The snug, comfortable fit of the NS430 has made them the popular choice of law enforcement professionals. Excellent for all-weather handgun use and ideal for all-day wear. Palms made of Synsi-feel™ synthetic leather provide excellent grip and accurate feel. For maximum grip, Toughtek™ patches are sewn onto the palms and fingertips. Neoprene synthetic rubber resists oils and aging. Hook and loop closures keep them firmly in place.