Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Welcome to our GideonTactical.com blog! We figured we should start by telling you a little bit about Gideon Tactical, because perhaps you're new here.

GideonTactical.com is a site by Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. Our other sites include TheFireStore.com, OfficerStore.com, theEMSstore.com and HomeSafetyStore.com. We're dedicated to providing you more products and services faster and more affordable than ever before.

What is GideonTactical.com, specifically and who does it cater to? We like to think of it as the top tier source for All Things Tactical. We're committed to serving the needs of operators and shooters who require more specialized gear and products involved in tactical operations and in the sporting world.

Thanks to our experience with working with many vendors over the years through Witmer Public Safety Group and our other successful websites, we're positioned to meet all the demands and more in the industry.

You might also be wondering about the name and why we chose it. Over 3,000 years ago Gideon was chosen and directed by God to conduct a critical tactical operation. Using his special tactics it lead to a victory that seemed unimaginable while being severely outnumbered. Gideon and his men were heroes of their day! Our motto, "Equipping Heroes", for WPSG seemed to fit right in line and thus GideonTactical.com was born.

Our site is set up to be user friendly, making your experience as pleasant as possible. With easy sidebar and top navigations it makes finding products simple and quick. Current promos and specials will flash up on the headers each week, and you can find the hot sales and specials right from home base. Check out our awesome Holster Hunter feature, too, which alleviates all the stress and headache of finding the perfect holster and does all the work for you! Shopping for all your tactical needs has never been easier.

What can you expect to find here on this blog?

Well, we'll hook you up with some detailed posts on up and coming and new stuff we think you'll love. We'll also let you in on some promos and specials deals going on so you can be sure not to miss out. There may even be some behind-the-scenes posts and things going on in our showroom.

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Let GideonTactical.com be your source for for all things tactical.